Can you ride on the beach in the summer months?
  Yes, we have a private island named Waites Island that is part of the plantation here in North Myrtle Beach. It is 1380 acres in size. That is where we ride on the private beach front. We ride from the stable and cross over Dunn Sound by a bridge to get to the island oceanfront.

Is your stable open all year?
Yes, Monday through Saturday.

Do we need experience to ride at your stable?
     No, you do not need any riding experience to ride our horses.

What are the age restrictions?
To ride on the one hour Beach or Waterway Trail Ride kids need to be 7 years old and up. To do the experienced ride you have to be 12 years old and up. 

Do you allow double riding?
     No, there are numerous reasons why we do not, the most important is that it is not safe.

Can we gallop with the horses?
      If you are an experienced rider you can choose our "Experienced ride" option which includes walk, trot, canter and is private. This is the only ride we offer that includes walk, trot, canter. The pace is set by the guide.   

Can we take your horses out without a guide?
     No, all trails are guided.

Does the Waterway Trail Ride go to the beach?
     No, it rides through the plantation along the Intra Coastal Waterway. That ride is mostly shaded. If you would like to ride on the beach you have a choice of a one hour oceanfront ride or a two hour combination ride.

Do you take pictures?
     Yes, a photographer takes pictures of each rider whether you are on a beach or trail ride and can be viewed at the stable once you return from your trip. The packages start at $30 for an individual emailed image or $50 for a USB with all your photos from the trip.
What breed of horses do you have at your stable?
     We have 52 different horses which include the following different breeds: Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Paso Fino, Gypsy Cross, Belgian Draft, Miniature Pony, Warmblood, and numerous others.

Do we need reservations? 
     Yes, call a few days before you would like to ride.

Can we pick the horse we want to ride?
     No, we pick the horse for you compared to a few different variables.

Do you board horses at your stable?
     No, we offer boarding at our other facility in Calabash, NC. Information is located on the boarding page of our website.

Do you have a weight limit?
No, we require all riders to be able to mount the horse using only a mounting block. If you can't mount alone then you can't ride. We also ask for you to specify when making your reservation that you need a larger breed horse.

Do you have a dress code?
No, our saddles are synthetic allowing riders to wear shorts and any shoe type is fine for our regular rides.

Can we get off of the horse at the beach?
     No, only in emergency or if you are on an exclusive or private journey beach ride for a photo session

Do you have restrooms to use on the island or trail if we need one?
     No, only at the stable lobby.

Can we smoke and drink alcohol on your rides?
     No, no exceptions!
Does your stable have somewhere for non-riders to wait while others ride?
     Yes, we have a lobby with satelite tv and it also is wifi if you would like to bring a laptop. 
Can we camp and stable our horse at Inlet Point on the bring your own horse trips?
No, you can trailer in and out each day to Inlet Point to ride the waterway trails and oceanfront but we no longer offer stabling or camping here at Inlet Point. Over night stabling is offer at our sister stable in Calabash,Nc, about a 15 or 20 minute drive from Inlet Point. The cost is $25 each night at Peachtree for over night stabling per horse.

How much does it cost to bring our own horses to ride at Inlet Point on the beach?
     It cost $35per horse per day. You can trailer in as early as 8:30 am and ride until 4pm each day.

Do you offer trail rides on Sunday?
     No, we are closed on Sundays. Peachtree Stable in Calabash, Nc offers trail rides year round seven days a week. The number is 910-287-4790. Prices are the same as listed on our activities page. Call for reservations.